At NEISEC, we strive to provide our students with a safe environment to thrive. This begins with our special bus drivers that greet your student everyday with a smile. Each of our bus drivers, and their bus monitors, have been trained to provide your student with a safe environment to ride to and from school each day. 

For any transportation questions:

Priscilla Reeve

Transportation Coordinator

Phone: (260) 347-5236 ext. 4234

Cell: (260) 349-2673


Let's meet our transportation staff:

BUS #4 

Driver: Kim Bell

BUS #5

Driver: Erin Schoeff

Monitor: Amber Palmer

BUS #6

Driver: Christina Hunnicutt

Monitor: Clodine Heffley

BUS #8

Driver: Scott Reeve

Monitor: Cody Duty

BUS #10

Driver: Chris Steury

BUS #11

Driver: Robin Powell

Monitor: Jane Owen

BUS #13

Driver: Barbie Schlegel

BUS #14

Driver: Dawn Kearns

Monitor: Beth Hartke

BUS #15

Driver: Dawn Vandersloot

BUS #16

Driver: Lori VanWagner

BUS #17

Driver: Jennifer Groom

Monitor: Hope Russle

BUS #18

Driver: Gwen Stockert

Monitor: Regina Hart

BUS #19

Driver: Michele Gatke

BUS #20

Driver: Sonja Hollis

BUS #21

Driver: Marilyn Miars

Monitor: Diana Willits







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